Realizing Reliable Healthcare Information Availability

Healthcare information availability ensures you have what you need, when you need it, wherever it resides. Did you know the average cost in lost revenue and repairs associated with healthcare outage incidents soared to $669,000 in 2013? Download the infographic to learn more.


Hoarding Data is Not a Strategy

Did you know it costs organizations $5 million to store 1 petabyte of data for one year? Discover how information governance helps organizations gain visibility, take action, and assume control over critical data.

White Papers

The Data Cure: Information Management in the Healthcare Sector

A white paper for healthcare IT leaders and stakeholders responsible for defining or deploying their organization’s information governance and eDiscovery policies, or backup and service continuity/reliable recovery strategies.

Fact Sheets

Dodging Downtime: Reliable Data Access is Vital in Healthcare

Too many healthcare organizations lose critical data to unreliable backup and recovery solutions. Avoid the costly consequences of cheap data solutions with Veritas.

Another Healthcare Crisis: Data Adds Up to a Problem

Healthcare organizations operate 24/7. Their backup and recovery solutions need to provide organizations the assurance that they are tuned to a myriad of retention and compliance policies they must meet. It’s time for Veritas – automatic, simple, predictable.

Service Continuity: Ensuring Positive Outcomes

Healthcare organizations depend on reliable IT to deliver the best care possible, but impediments to service continuity can jeopardize optimal performance. Veritas has a cure to protect your organization’s IT services against unwanted downtime.